From Earth to Luna

XR+Edge™, whose primary thrust is training the Space Work Force, initially working with Johnson Space Center.  Based on the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform, we support Unity, Unreal, and OpenUSD developer environments for Cis-Lunar space and Earth applications.

About us

We focus on Aerospace,
ISAM and ISRU applications

Both ISAM (In Space Assembly and Manufacturing) and ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)
will require Education and Training for space workers as well as Tele-Robotics operators,
and at least a monitory and C3 function for partial or full “Autonomy” for robotic devices in space, e.g. construction, drones, mining, smart manufacturing, power generation, transport equipment.

While Education and Training cuts across all human activities, we are especially focused on

Join us for the opening up of Cis-Lunar Space, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt for commerce and colonization to 2053. We seek business partners for grants and contracts and joint
marketing & sales programs.

Contact us for a conference call or a meeting at a conference.  
Technology & Innovation


A highest fidelity Extended Reality/Mixed Realitysoftware platform leveraging NVIDIA’s Omniverse Enterprise.  Based on Unity, Unreal, and OpenUSD 3DModeling and Simulation developer environments, with OpenUSD standards drivenby Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and Pixar/Disney.    


XR+Edge™ enterprise software platform developed for NASA with value for most 3D modeling & simulation applications

- Provides realistic models, simulations, and scenarios for training and missions.

- Initial NASA use cases: astronaut training and mission monitoring and synchronization (C4).

- Initial features: mission planning, testing, training for two uses working closely together for team tasks, monitoring virtual space with control and remote viewers (C4).

- Software supports AR assistance, hyper-realistic 3D assets, and expanded virtual working area which can be mapped to operational area with real time sensor data enabling comparison of real operations versus ideal mission plan with alarms and alerts.

Full virtualization, precise hand tracking, customizable environments, 3D asset libraries, and compatibility with high quality XR hardware.  Consumer hardware is supported but is not our target market.

Digital twins

We will join the Digital Twin Consortium, Aerospace & Defense Working Group and will work with business partners to integrate our modeling and simulation capabilities with curated digital twins based on customer requirements.


We will support the Open Space ROS and will work with business partners to integrate with our modeling, simulation, scenario development, and predictive analytics environment.
Our core capabilities

Some team capabilities in Enterprise Extended Reality/Mixed Reality software development, documentation, and support

Our engineering team has extensive capability in Enterprise XR class software development.
Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise software developer
Unreal software developer
Unity software developer
6 degrees of freedom to 1 mm accuracy
PNT (position, navigation, timing) in VR space
Scenario Creation, Testing, Predictive Analytics
Real time video feeds into VR space
Multi-person Redirected Walking (MRW)
Digital Twin Support in XR+Edge™ Enterprise Software
ROS (Robot Operating System) in XR+Edge™

UX/UI for training, mission control & implementation


Nvidia Inception program
logo image orbital outpost x
logo image NSF innovation corps

Investment Opportunities

XR+Edge™ is focused on delivering high value in the 3D Modeling and Simulation domain on Earth, Cis-Lunar space, and Mars.
Our software is based on Unity, Unreal, and NIVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platforms as well as OpenUSD. 

Our launch investor is and we are working to close a $1.5 - $2 million seed round the first half 2024 to fund us to first revenue in Q4.   

Qualified investor should contact

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Who We Are

We invite you to start a conversation with us
photo Adolfo Nemerovsky, entrepreneur & CTO
Adolfo Nemirovsky, PhD
Entrepreneur & CTO
photo Miguel Arias, principle investigator AR-VR-XR
Miguel Arias Estrada, PhD
XR Director and PI
photo Bo Varga, industry mentor
Bo Varga, MBA
Industry Mentor
We will attend the following space and VR/AR/XR professional conferences and will be pleased to meet with possible business partners for grants, contracts, and joint marketing and sales programs – sell with or sell through. Our current areas of interest include training the space (and earth) work force with a focus on STEM, robotics, and AI for engineers, technicians, and scientists for aerospace, smart manufacturing.  We think our 3D modeling & simulation software with redirected walking and scenarios will be of great interest to creatives in most fields.

Lunar Surface Innovation Fall Meeting October 10-12 in Pittsburgh

Immerse Global Summit & Metacenter GlobalWeek (VRARA Annual Meeting) October 17-19. Orlando, FL

Ascend 2023 October 23-25, 2023. Las Vegas, NV

Cosmic Consortium Launch Meeting in College Park, MD. November 7-8, 2023

Nvidia GTC Conference, March 2024- San Jose, CA

Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium 2024- Spring- Johns Hopkins & Fall. Location TBD

Space Resources Round Table 2024 - Golden, CO

Ascend 2024 - Las Vegas, NV

IGS/VRARA Conference 2024

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